Alexkazam's kids entertainments

Magic, story-telling, fun, audience participation, games, balloon models.

Magic lessons.

For ages:

3-16 years.

Magic and fun

Do you remember the wonder of seeing magic performed when you were a child? Alexkazam performs magic that totally involves the children, they make it happen and they are part of the show.


Much of the magic involves a story and lots of silliness and comedy. I even have a "mind reading raccoon" called Cooper who is very naughty!

Mind reading racoon

As well as the children who volunteer to take part in my show I have a special guest- Cooper!


Cooper is a naughty racoon (puppet) who can read minds- when he's not cheating or messing around!


When Cooper is about chaos and comedy happens and I barely keep control of him!

Balloon Sculpting

As part of my show and as a gift to the children I offer simple balloon models such as dogs, bunny rabbits, swords or flowers as well as simple hats.


Children love balloon models and seem fascinated by seeing them made.