Do you want to book a children's entertainer but not know what to book?

Here are some packages and options to help you decide. I can offer shows from 30 minutes long to running the whole 2 hour party and I also offer magic lessons for older children..

Bronze budget buster show.
If you are on a tight budget I can offer a 30 minute long show suitable for children from 3- 7 years old.
The 3-4 year olds get a different show to 5-7 year olds with easier to follow plots and lots of silly business.
Gold show


If you would like me to run an hour long show which includes a session at the end where I make some balloon models this is the show for you.


Again, younger children get a different show from older ones suitable for their attention span and level of sophistication.

Platinum Show


If you would like to put your feet up and let me take the strain this is the show for you! I run the whole 2 hour party for you- the first 30 minutes I run games then organise the children to sit for their meal (which usually takes around 30 minutes including singing happy birthday for the birthday child) I then perform my magic show followed by making balloon animals for each child to take home.

Magic Lessons

Children aged from 7 years old may enjoy my popular magic workshop where they learn some simple yet entertaining and impressive magic tricks to show their friends and familly. They learn magic using everyday objects which is a step above using the sort of mass produced plastic magic props in most childrens magis sets. I don't only teach tricks but the basics of misdirection, the importance of a story and timing. Magic lessons usually run for an hour and 20 minutes.